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What separate AnchorTurf from other synthetic lawn businesses?

Three Words - Service, Quality, Accountability, Experience. Ok, ok.. that’s four words but they are the four words we live by. Service - Our sales professionals come with decades of experience in a multitude of service industries. Quality - We carry only the highest quality, most technologically advanced, American-Made, lead-free, child and pet safe artificial turf available to date. Our turf will qualify for your rebate. Accountability - If you have any issues or questions with your install, we are simply a phone call, email or text message away. We do not disappear simply because your installation is complete. There is no higher compliment than your referral for future business. And we realize that referrals are earned! Experience - We have hand-picked the best installation team in the industry. Our head installer has been installing artificial turf since 2003. He is the most sought after installer in the business and we are so proud to have him with us. He truly puts the “Art” in artificial grass.

What sort of maintenance is required for synthetic grass?

There is not a whole lot of maintenance required with artificial turf. But just like anything else, it depends on how the product is being used. Artificial turf for a sports field application will require quite a bit more maintenance than a landscape application. Regardless of the application, synthetic lawns are far easier to keep in great shape than natural grass! Periodic rinsing will keep your lawn looking beautiful. Depending on how much you use your lawn, you should rinse it accordingly. For instance, if pets run freely upon your yard, you will probably want to rinse it at a higher rate. To effectively clean, rinse the grass with water, then groom it with a tough broom or rake to perk the blades up again. This prevents matting and will keep the turf in the best shape. If you’ve let your lawn go for a period of time and it has matted throughout, it is best to have a professional grooming service tend to it. Please call us if this is the case. We provide a maintenance service for this. Additionally, in portions of the yard that endure heavy walking traffic, we recommend using stepping stones or creating a path to prevent these parts from becoming overly stressed.

Is synthetic grass OK for pets?

Of course! Many animal-friendly businesses utilize synthetic lawns, including kennels, ranch owners, veterinarian offices, and pet hospitals, as well as pet owners’ homes. The turf is resistant to urine, and the grass fibers hold up exceedingly well to pet activities that would otherwise destroy a natural lawn.

How can I clean a synthetic lawn?

Cleaning your turf is very easy. Simply rinse the area down with water through a hose. For solid pet waste, simply pick it up and spray off the residue. Regular rinsing will help the lawn stay clean and will prevent odors from developing through the growth of bacteria. Fortunately, the Durafill infill prevents much of the bacteria from growing into foul odors (see the data sheet for details). While thorough cleaning will rarely be necessary, a strong flush of 50% water mixed with 50% white vinegar (distilled) can eliminate most bacteria spores.

Do synthetic lawns overheat?

When temperatures exceed 80-90 degrees and the turf is in the path of direct sunlight, synthetic grass can get hot. However, utilizing a Durafill infill, our synthetic lawns stay cooler than most as the infill won’t heat up like the rubber pellets of most artificial grass yards.

Does it matter whether I use infill or non-infill lawns?

Without an infill, the entire installation process is easier and cheaper, but your lawn won’t be the same quality as one installed by AnchorTurf. It may be tempting to save money by using non-infill products for your lawn, but you’ll pay in the long run. Infill is very important in providing a barrier for your turf and protecting it during activities and foot traffic. Additionally, our infill can include G-MAX, which makes our turf more comfortable and soft. This also helps improve the safety of your lawn. Helpful for blade recovery too, infill is a valuable inclusion to your artificial grass that we highly recommend.

Can artificial lawns drain water?

With a perforated backing, synthetic lawns typically drain just as a natural grass lawn drains. If a particular lawn would require drains for natural grass, it would be smart to treat a synthetic one in the same manner.

Does the synthetic grass sheen fade?

Unfortunately, the sheen on synthetic grass does slowly fade over time. The rate of decline depends on a variety of factors, including blade width and shape (wider and more rectangular blades refract greater sunlight). Other yarns are delustered. How long it takes for the sheen to go away is based upon the grass shape and it’s chemical makeup.
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