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With its wonderful climate and incredible scenery, the state of California is a place where many Americans choose to settle and lay down their roots. Picturesque homes amongst lush gardens all make up part of this ideal vision, but due to current situations, that pretty front yard may be causing more harm than good.  In fact, with so many people now residing in the state, and with water always in short demand, the time has come for homeowners to update their homes to modern standards.  One way in which California residents can help the environment is through installing synthetic turf for their lawns.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. California is in the midst of a severe drought – As most everyone knows, California has entered the 4th year of a historic drought that is threatening the very livelihood of our state.  Farmers are suffering greatly, ski slopes remain snowless throughout the winter, and watering costs are only going up.  For every lawn that must be watered repeatedly throughout the week, hundreds of gallons of water are wasted.  Do your part to help the state and get rid of your grass lawn.
  2. Synthetic Turf Looks Perfect – Instead of struggling with pricey fertilizers and the repeated browning of your lawn, relish in the everlasting green that makes up a synthetic turf lawn.  You don’t have to worry about keeping it in shape anymore because the grass blades are durable and strong.  Even the most manicured lawns fail to live up to the ideal standards set forth by synthetic grass.  Turf is pet resistant and won’t attract bugs, meaning that your wonderful yard will stay exactly as you envisioned it.
  3. Turf is Cheaper than Grass – While initial costs do surpass that of a grass lawn, in just 2.5 years you’ll begin to save money with a synthetic lawn.  This is due to several factors, including water, fertilizer, and maintenance costs.  Homeowners’ water bills are staggeringly influenced by the type of yard they have, and when you make the switch to synthetic you’ll see savings each and every month from then on.  Check out how you can save money on our “Return on Your Investment Page
  4. No More Mowing – The unfortunate reality of home ownership often involves weekly mowing.  The thrill wears off quickly.  First there’s the time involved pushing the mower over every square inch of grass on your property, but then there’s the issue of the gasoline smell that invades every part of your being following the task.  We could also mention the costs of the mower itself and its upkeep and gasoline usage as well.  And lastly, think of the service you’ll provide to your neighbors by eliminating that awful noise from existence.
  5. Peace of Mind – There are numerous further benefits to installing a synthetic turf lawn, but none is as rewarding as the peace of mind you’ll get for doing so.  You won’t have to give any more thoughts to taking care of the lawn, leaving your day free to do more worthwhile things.  You won’t have to fret over your kids’ friends coming to play on a lawn where they could trip and twist an ankle because of the potholes.  You won’t have to feel guilty anymore as you watch heaves of water go to waste on your grass.  You won’t have to fret over why the grass won’t grow in the shaded part of your lawn either.  The ease of your new lawn will make your question why you ever thought to have actual grass in the first place.  Enjoy your relaxing new lifestyle with synthetic grass.
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