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Many Californians welcomed the winter rains brought on by El Niño with open arms, anticipating a quick end to the terrible drought that’s stricken the entire state for the past 5 years. However, despite a good washing and the lessening drought conditions in some areas further north in the state, it’s very premature to be thinking that the drought is over. In fact, it may be setting up to get even worse.

Unfortunately for Southern California, the region received quite little of the precipitation brought on by El Niño. Most of the rains and snow fell further north in the state, where it’s helped partially refill the barren reservoirs and inspired hope that the drought is ending. Some people have even gone as far as to say that California should be ending its historic water restriction measures brought upon a year ago to help preserve what little water was left. Oh, what short memories people have!

While it’s good for SoCal that the water up north is slowly regaining its pre-drought levels, as much of our water comes from the region, the fact that we’ve been largely left out of the EL Niño path means that much of the local vegetation is still quite drought-stricken. It also means that water supplies will be once again pushed to the brink this summer as the rainy season draws to its close.

Furthermore, there is the prospect of La Niña to watch out for. While El Niño causes increased rainfall throughout the Western U.S., La Niña often follows and does the exact opposite, drying up the region. It’s the ying and yang of nature, always seeking balance. Unfortunately, should La Niña occur this year, any gains from this past winter could be quickly erased in a single season. Meanwhile, the risks of wildfires and extended drought conditions would simply magnify.

So if you’re one of the millions of Southern California homeowners hoping that you’ll finally be able to turn on the sprinklers with a good conscience, you may want to rethink those plans. The California drought has been insufferable and could certainly well continue in the months and years ahead. Additionally, don’t expect the increased water bills to diminish anytime soon, especially given the direct dependence the southern part of the state now has on the north.

Of course, a good way for Southern California homeowners to know for certain that their perfectly manicured lawns are here to stay is by investing in an artificial grass lawn. Without the constant need for watering and sprinkling, synthetic lawns always maintain their wonderful appearance and charm, and will keep your home looking beautiful no matter what the drought conditions may be.

Additionally, such lawns work wonders in saving homeowners money, even in non-drought climates. When one considers all the lawn maintenance costs, fertilizers, mowers, and hassle that are involved in keeping up a grass yard, the choice becomes quite clear. Artificial turf lawns provide a far better alternative to real grass. And given the state of California’s ever-continuing drought, it’s obvious that the move to synthetic turf is the right option.

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