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Pet Turf System

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Pet Turf

Pet Turf

One of the pitfalls of a grass yard could very well be the result of one of your best friends. Dogs, cats, and even wildlife in your area can dig holes all around your yard, disrupting your lawn and ruining the pristine grass you’ve always craved. Fortunately, AnchorTurf’s Pet Turf is up to the task. Focused on durability, the synthetic turf withstands rough play and heavy foot traffic to stay functional and beautiful for years. The secret to this turf’s strength is in the coated polyurethane turf that is well protected from constant stress. While it’s made to stand tough, our Pet Turf also looks great and will be just as presentable as any other synthetic lawn. Green throughout the year and resistant to the wear and tear brought upon by pets, you’ll finally have the luscious lawn you’ve always wanted!


One of the challenges often faced by pet owners with synthetic grass is the potential for bacteria overgrowth. Fortunately, Durafill provides the latest edition of infill technology to ensure that various bacteria are kept at bay, preventing things like pet urine or environmental factors from harming your lawn and preserving the quality of your turf. Durafill infill also utilizes a lighter color which reduces limits the sun’s ability to overheat the grass. This results in a more comfortable and safer turf for homeowners. Lastly, Durafill is environmentally friendly and doesn’t include any heavy metals, silica dust, or zinc. Sold exclusively through Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Durafill is available through a one-time application process.


Flooding can be an issue with lawns that aren’t properly set to drain. Draincore technology greatly enhances the ability of your synthetic turf to drain rainwater. It utilizes a perforated backing that boosts the flow of water through the perforated lawn turf that we use. This removes water from your lawn at a much greater rate than traditional forms of drainage like a stone drain system or piping. Additionally, Draincore is added through a simple installation. This ensures that your synthetic grass lawn will be adequately drained.
Turf Fresh

Turf Fresh

Pet odors can linger behind whatever your furry companions leave on the turf! Fortunately, Turf Fresh uses active enzymes to remove odors and bacteria from your synthetic lawn, helping keep it fresh and preventing the lingering smells a pet can cause. A simple spray is all that is needed to return a pleasant scent to your yard. Its organic formula is safe for everyone in the family and will help you get the best experience from your artificial grass.
Zeolite Max

Zeolite Max

One of the best infill options is Zeolite Max, which holds up well to the odors left by pets. With a negatively charged ion, the infill keeps smells from transforming to a gas, specifically those caused by ammonia. This will help your artificial turf remain free from the unsatisfying odors caused by a pet doing his business! Safe for children and pets, Zeolite Max can be used by alone or combined with other infills to keep odor at bay. Affordable and effective, it’s a great way to keep your synthetic lawn smelling fresh.

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