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Diamond Series

Diamond Series

Featuring one of the strongest yarns made in the United States, the Diamond Series is a very durable and appealing turf product. Its ‘W’ shaped blades provide both additional strength and a natural appearance. Color offerings are available in both Spring (brighter greens for warmer climates) and Fescue (darker green hues make it an ideal match for colder climates). Great for both residential and commercial landscapes as well as playgrounds. Enhance your landscape today with Anchor Turf's Diamond Series!
Marquee Series

Marquee Series

The Marquee Natural Series features a mostly field green color with a touch of lime green and is paired with a brown thatch. This turf will match any warm coastal climate’s surrounding plant life. A unique combination of high-contrast super-soft and ultra-thin green fibers with an earthy thatch combine for a lawn of luxury.
Everglade Series

Everglade Series

The top-grade horseshoe-profile fiber resists matting, yet is soft and dense for the appearance of a newly grown lawn. This product is able to withstand any and all play, traffic, and weather conditions. Everglade series is the perfect landscape turf for any residential, athletic, or commercial use.
Nature's Blend

Nature's Blend

Nature’s Blend synthetic grass features polyethylene grass blades in three different colors, which include field and lime green as well as brown. This 60 ounce product stands 2 inches tall and highlights a very natural appearance through the inclusion of the tri-color face yarn. To add an extra realistic quality, the blade lengths also vary in height and feature the latest synthetic turf, powered by Tencate. Nature’s Blend is ideal for light to moderate foot traffic and makes a perfect addition to any front yard or landscape!
Pet Turf

Pet Turf

Our Pet Turf is designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It can thus withstand moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. This product’s backing is coated with polyurethane for added strength.
Nylon Putt

Nylon Putt

Established the standard for carefree putting greens with textured fibers for a realistic-looking surface that rolls consistently true.

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